The self-help shelves at bookstores and libraries are teeming with titles about how to successfully do x, y and z. This book is less about “how to” and more about “when to.” Daniel Pink’s When is the synthesis of over 700 studies from fields as diverse as biology, neuroscience, anthropology, economics and social psychology. His aim is to show that timing in life is not an art, but a science. Pink’s book is full of fascinating facts and practical suggestions for when it is best to take action.

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The USA Memory Championship is an annual competition held in New York since the early 90s. There are several events, including name-face recall, memorizing long numerical sequences, and remembering the order of shuffled decks of cards. Joshua Foer attended the competition as a reporter one year and a competitor the next. This book details Foer’s unexpected immersion into the world of memory in the intervening year. Through extensive research, interviews on the topics, and training with “mental athletes”, he came to realize anyone can drastically improve their memory, and proved it by winning the USA Memory Championship after only a year of concerted effort.

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In our more honest moments, most of us would have to acknowledge that we are overly attached to our technological devices. It turns out that what we gain in convenience, efficiency, and autonomy, we lose in freedom and deeply meaningful relationships. We would like to believe that we are the masters of our tools, but, increasingly, technologies are being designed to reverse this relationship, to make us hopelessly attached to our devices.

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