As Paul Kalanithi neared his graduation from Stanford Medical School, he knew he was physically ill. Subsequent testing confirmed that he had stage IV lung cancer. This book became his final project, an attempt to convey what dying means to a person who is still living. Paul chronicles those things that brought him a sense of significance throughout his life and especially in his last days. 

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Elon Musk is a complicated man. Reactions to the entrepreneur run the gamut of fear, frustration, admiration and loyalty. His intrepid entrepreneurial spirit helped him revolutionize multiple industries, but his successes did not come without a cost. Charting Musk’s path from childhood to his early startups to his now-booming businesses, Ashlee Vance’s portrait of Musk gives us the major factors that have contributed to the making of Musk.

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Leonardo da Vinci is an intimate examination of one of history’s greatest minds. Walter Isaacson’s sincere, humanizing account provides fuller context to Leonardo’s life: his humble origins, his growth as an artist and engineer, and the stories behind his masterpieces. Isaacson goes on to argue that more than simply admiring Leonardo’s qualities, we should strive to learn and emulate them. 

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