When we think of traumatic incidents, we think of near-fatal car accidents and natural disasters. But there is a demographic that is also unknowingly suffering from the effects of trauma: athletes. Placed in high-pressure, sometimes dangerous situations, athletes often endure physical and emotional traumas that wreck performance on a consistent basis. This Is Your Brain on Sports explores the issue of trauma and what can be done about it. It’s useful not just for athletes and coaches, but for anyone who is looking to understand how trauma works.

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What are the limits of endurance? And is it the body or the mind that sets those limits? In Endure, athlete and scientist Alex Hutchinson travels the globe and interviews hundreds of sports scientists, coaches, and athletes to explore how the brain and body work together to set limits on our endurance—and how those limits can be broken.

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What does Bill Gates’ story hold in common with the Beatles’? Why are so many professional hockey players born between January and March? Why do Asians tend to excel in math? In his examination of success stories, Malcolm Gladwell maintains that the way we understand the accomplishments of exceptional individuals often overlooks factors critical to their achievements. Applying a seemingly peculiar metric, Gladwell aims to debunk the popular narratives that assume success is due primarily to one’s individual talent and tenacity. The broader contexts of unique opportunities and advantages better explain the success of these remarkable individuals, or outliers.

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